30 June 23
No “Safety!”
The City of Newton, within the virulently anti-Second Amendment Commonwealth of Massachusetts, fits the classic definition of “high-rent district”
Local politicians brag that affluent Newton is the most “gun-free” community in the entire State!
Unhappily, that haughty status did little to protect three elderly Newton residents who were murdered in their own home (beaten and stabbed to death), after forced entry by perpetrator(s).
Their bodies were discovered Monday.
No named suspects, nor arrests, thus far.
Absent any factual basis, the local prosecutor immediately assured Newton residents that this event was “random,” expressing wishful thinking far more than fact.
By contrast, the local police chief is “very concerned!”
In the aftermath, the DA’s advice to Newton residents is ridiculously unhelpful:
“Remain vigilant. Check door and window locks. Report suspicious activity.”
As if residents weren’t doing that already!
What, as always, remains “advice non grata” (ie: contrary to current political agenda, thus unacceptable and never spoken) is:
“Residents are advised to take-up arms and be prepared to defend their homes and loved ones, via gunfire, against felonious attack by violent criminals.”
So, as politicians and other “officials” take extraordinarily measures to protect themselves and their own families (including personal possession of ‘weapons of war”), local residents are told to “remain vigilant.”
Leftist politicians at all times prefer dead victims to dead criminals!
“Sometimes the law places the whole apparatus of judges, prisons, and gendarmes at the service of plunderers, and treats the innocent victim, when he defends himself, as a criminal”
Claude Frederic Bastiat