19 June 23
“Truth is still truth, even when only a few believe it.
Lies are still lies, even when the vast majority believes them”
“Last-Resort Mentality”
The customary Communist propaganda maneuver of always controlling the narrative, and ruthlessly suppressing/criminalizing all other perspectives, is alive and flourishing right now in our country.
Our public education/indoctrination system is currently pushing “last-resort mentality.”
Children are continually told America’s productive taxpayers, particularly Christians and Jews, are racist scum who arrogantly refuse to “pay their fair share,” and who thus have a duty to make never-ending “reparations” to the planet, to selected races, and otherwise cheerfully succumb to permanent slavery (apparently, “the least we can do”).
All seconded by our leftist media, where we hear endlessly about “right-wing hate groups.”
Curiously, we never hear about “left-wing hate groups!”
“Weapons of war” and other kit openly displayed and used by ANTIFA and BLM, if similarly displayed by political conservatives, would have our DOJ remorselessly persecuting them in a NY minute, to cheers of the media.
Rather, violent and openly-criminal leftist terrorists are invariably “puffed” by our media and always portrayed at “virtuous,” as leftist politicians and bureaucrats predictably turn a blind eye toward their routine felonious violence.
ANTIFA, BLM, et al self-righteously proclaim that they need to employ preemptive violence in order to protect themselves from ever-undefined “hate groups”
In reality ANTIFA and BLM, along with their Democrat sponsors, are the “hate group!”
“Weapons of war” that are at this very moment protecting these same leftist politicians, have “no place in civilized society,” (other than protecting her), according to our vice-president, proclaimed from between her heavily-armed, tax-payer-funded cadre of bodyguards.
She points to interminable shootings and gun-accidents, so common among her precious leftist criminals and her other supporters.
Strangely, the NRA has been holding annual meetings for the past 150 years, routinely attended by thousands of heavily-armed NRA members, with no report ever of anyone shooting anybody else.
Very strange! How do they accomplish that?
Between these disparate groups, which one do you think she wants disarmed?
Which does she, without fail, exclusively target with vituperation?
Very strange indeed!
“Oh, what a tangled web we weave…when first we practice to deceive.”
Walter Scott