Monthly Archives: August 2022

Sign of the Times!

9 Aug 22   “Leftist politicians exercise a classic parasitic paradigm, which adds no value and harms its host (us citizens), to just shy of death. And, they will continue to do so for as long as we vote for them, as they try to bribe us with our own money.   Until we overcome […]


3 Aug 22   German-born musical genius, Richard Wagner, revolutionized music in Europe, particularly opera, during the Nineteenth Century. His contribution to the Art can hardly be overstated.   He did all this while, for most of his life avoiding the “political mainstream,” and he thus found himself in exile much of the time, and […]

Conceit and Arrogance!

1 Aug 22   “Sometimes, actually most times, ‘compromise’ is not the best solution. Sometimes, one side is just completely wrong”   Newman   This kind of arrogant hypocrisy begs to be exposed!   Self-important members of Congress are currently going all-out (with taxpayer money) to vastly upgrade their personal security arrangements- at work, home, […]