23 Aug 22
Stampede of Lemmings!
Whenever a “celebrity,” or a close relative in this case, is the victim of violent criminal act, liberal politicians, along with their ever-obedient media mouthpieces, reflexively and hysterically denigrate whatever instrument
the criminal used, predictably calling for an immediate and global ban on whatever it was.
Thus, when discredited Irish professional boxer, Tyson Fury, speaks of the “menace of knife crime,” Britons can rest assured that Parliament will next be targeting Boy Scouts, butchers, restauranteurs, mariners, tradesmen of all kinds, any and all persons who own anything that looks like a knife and who use them daily for a myriad of important, legitimate purposes.
A general ban on carrying knives in public “absent good cause” (whatever that means) came first several years ago in the UK.
Now, be prepared to hear leftist British legislators clamor for a complete ban on knife ownership for all Britons, falsely believing weary UK residents actually want more yet restrictions imposed on their daily lives!
Do not believe European Communists when they continually promote the lie that our Second Amendment no longer matters to Americans. This same sleaze, when they timidly emerge from behind their cadre of heavily-armed bodyguards, also insist that our First, Forth, and Fifth Amendment Rights don’t matter to us either!
Hold tightly to memories of our audacious, courageous ancestors! It is our privilege to have such inspiring progenitors, memories of whom sustain us in this present upside-down world, where sluttish cowards, who are unfit to so much as stand in their shadow, hold public office and slouch in front of public microphones and wail that all history is irrelevant, except “revised” history, devoid of fact, that they create in their twisted minds.
Slavery is slavery, no matter how it is dressed-up and no matter how often we are told our rights are being taken away from us, “… for our own good.”
“‘Democracy’ is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well-armed lamb- contesting the vote!”
Benjamin Franklin, 1759