1 Aug 22
“Sometimes, actually most times, ‘compromise’ is not the best solution. Sometimes, one side is just completely wrong”
This kind of arrogant hypocrisy begs to be exposed!
Self-important members of Congress are currently going all-out (with taxpayer money) to vastly upgrade their personal security arrangements- at work, home, and when traveling.
With pious, hyperbolic language they are “justifying” massive personal-security upgrades for themselves; these very same lawmakers who have now voted, twice, during recent weeks to formalize massive personal-security downgrades for “ordinary” Americans, citizens!
Sweaty-palmed politicians are demanding to be continuously surrounded by a veritable legion of personal protection agents, all toting fully-automatic M4s, all with “high-capacity” magazines. These same politicians are also crying-out for the prompt emplacement of expensive, medieval-castle-style security systems at their workplaces, as well as their (multiple) posh residences, all at taxpayer expense.
Simultaneously, these same hypocrites, with a straight face, have voted for legislation written specifically to forbid “ordinary” American citizens’ purchase and possession of even semi-automatic M4s (the most popular rifle in the USA), as well as virtually every other semi-automatic rifle and shotgun currently in production, as well as all normal-capacity magazines.
According to these leftist politicians, “enough is never enough” when it comes to protecting themselves!
Yet at the same time, “enough is never enough” when it comes to stripping-away American citizens’ Second Amendment rights that give us some capability of defend ourselves from violent criminals; criminals enfranchised, emboldened, and protected by these same politicians!
So, members of Congress shall get the very best personal security, courtesy of beleaguered taxpayers.
In stark contrast, those same taxpayers shall get the very worst personal security, courtesy of members of
And with a straight face, they then turn-around and beg for our votes!
“‘Good pride represents dignity and self-respect.
‘Bad pride’ is the deadly sin of superiority, that reeks of conceit and arrogance.”
John C Maxwell