15 Aug 22
“We were ready for ‘crazy,’ but not that kind of crazy!”
Jason Medina
We see that even when he enjoyed “protection” provided by at least two armed LEOs, who were both close-by and assigned to look-after him, author Salman Rushdie was forced to endure (by himself) twenty seconds of murderous attack by a knife-wielding Islamic radical, before anyone came to his aid.
In “weapons-free” Chautauqua, NY everyone seemed to have forgotten that the Ayatollah himself in Iran had called upon his followers worldwide to murder Salman Rushdie. That apparently was not just idle conversation!
This savage knife-attack went on for twenty seconds before anyone present reacted. The ones who finally jumped on-stage to subdue the attacker were not LEOs, but attendees who had come to hear Rushdie’s lecture!
It is obvious that most (even LEOs) just cannot conceive of the brutally harsh, all too real, current world of 2022, where evil people deliberately act (without warning) to injure/murder the innocent.
Twenty seconds of delay, disbelief, hesitation, paralysis!
You’ll thus be “on your own” for at least the first twenty seconds of a murderous attack, maybe longer!
That is the reason Operators are alert, aware, and go armed, as a lifestyle!
We see the alternative!