11 Aug 23
“The problem with knowing just enough about a subject to think you’re right, is not knowing enough to know you’re wrong!”
Journalistic Axiom
After assuring us that 9mm pistol bullets “blow the lungs out of people,” we learn yesterday, during one of JRB’s straight-faced, robotic diatribes (where no questions are ever allowed), that inflation exists only in our imagination!
Then, the President promptly runs off for an extended, isolated vacation, where he is “unavailable for comment”
In this nation, we’re apparently in a “The King’s New Cloths” phase, where no matter how ridiculous and absurd are statements coming from this befuddled, geriatric president, we are all supposed to pretend we’re taking him seriously.
Our sluttish “media” surely leads the way!
Leaders around the world are nervously shaking their heads.
Russians, Chinese, North Koreans are snickering!
For the balance of 2022, nothing, from inflation, to open borders, to squalor, to violent crime, to national security, will get better.
We have to stay alert, aware, and carefully look-after our own best interests, as circumstances allow.
We’re on our own!
“It is an unhappy business that God has given the children of man to be busy with”
Ecclesiastes 1/13