9 Aug 22
“Leftist politicians exercise a classic parasitic paradigm, which adds no value and harms its host (us citizens), to just shy of death. And, they will continue to do so for as long as we vote for them, as they try to bribe us with our own money.
Until we overcome our conditioned inferiority/guilt complex, we will be thus cynically bled to death, and in the interim, be considered little more than stupid/acquiescing slaves by leftists in power.”
Democrats are raiding homes, Stalin-style, of political opponents, even including former presidents!
This has never been done before, and it smacks of politics in third-world, feudal fiefdoms.
Heretofore, they have raided/ransacked homes of DJT’s friends, publicly dragging them out in handcuffs, and them quietly releasing them and never subsequently charging them, nor anyone, with a “crime.”
It’s obviously all for show.
We can expect more of it between now and midterm elections!
We can also expect continued exponential increase in violent crime in virtually all metro areas, and spilling-over into other areas, as they’re discovering in CA.
We can expect continued mass resignations on the part of veteran police officers, who are fed-up with de-funding, felony arrestees being repeatedly released within minutes of arrest, and ecumenical non-prosecution/non-incarceration of violent criminals.
Police departments are thus all critically understaffed, and the situation grows worse by the day. Response-times to emergency calls is increasing to the point of irrelevance in many places.
Unsanitary, filthy, dangerous “homeless” (willfully unproductive) enclaves have taken-over entire neighborhoods. Able-bodied beggars litter street corners, amid a literal forest of “help-wanted” signs!
Accordingly, many frustrated Americans find themselves paying first-world taxes for the “privilege” of living in a third-world shithole!
And, we’ll continue to see conservative political candidates threatened, physically attacked, have their homes (in full Stalin-style) raided by politicized federal agents, and vandalized by thugs, who are encouraged to do so by Democrat/Bolshevik politicians and their media puppets.
As individual Operators, a low profile has much to recommend it!
Any kind of conservative political activity now carries with it much personal risk, as we see!