29 Aug 22
Brush-off “expert advice,” particularly when it is politically motivated (as most of it is)!
How many times do we hear smug, clueless clowns, paraded before us by liberal media, claiming to be personal security “experts?”
Examples of their “expert advice:”
1) Never resist violent criminals! Give them everything they want (presumptively even when they “want” to maim/rape/kidnap/murder your family). Neither you, nor anything that is yours, is worth defending!
2) You’re too stupid to own a gun! Never own, nor (Heaven-forbid) carry one. Guns are ishy! You’ll probably hurt yourself! Only us hyper-virtuous, heaven-anointed few should be allowed to have them.
3) At all times, think of yourself as a victim! You can never successfully defend yourself anyway, so don’t even think about trying. You don’t want to hurt one of our precious criminals, now do you? After all, being a “good victim” is your civic duty (according to Democrats)!
Who adhere to the foregoing “advice” will enjoy a short and unhappy life!
Understand that media frauds who promulgate this rubbish enjoy the continual protection of a virtual army of heavily-armed (with “weapons of war”) bodyguards.
They never seem to want to talk about that while they so freely/piously provide the rest of us with the foregoing
“security advice.”