3 Aug 22

German-born musical genius, Richard Wagner, revolutionized music in Europe, particularly opera, during the Nineteenth Century. His contribution to the Art can hardly be overstated.
He did all this while, for most of his life avoiding the “political mainstream,” and he thus found himself in exile much of the time, and otherwise continuously reviled, harassed, and pursued by police and creditors alike!
As with most geniuses, “fitting-in” was probably impossible, and did not interest him in any event!
Since sometime in 2014, Vlad P appropriated Wagner’s name for his private army of ruthless mercenaries, which he uses to enforce (with unchecked violence) his agenda around the world, routinely engaging in atrocities his “regular army” is seldom accused of. There is no official oversight, nor any species of accountability.
Richard Wagner and his works were greatly admired by both Hitler and Stalin, which is where the connection probably comes from.
The “Wagner Group” is basically a resurrection of the NKVD!
Active in Africa, Ukraine, and other places, the Wagners’ (whose very existence is nonchalantly denied by Vlad P) reputation for gratuitous terror inflicted upon non-combatants and “political outsiders” rivals that of the ancient Assyrians!
The Wagners have no regard for international borders, since they don’t officially exist!
There is scant doubt that Wagners will continue to be used to ruthlessly subjugate all of Eastern Europe and much of Africa.
They are of course, individually expendable, and no record of casualties, no record of any kind, is ever maintained, at least that anyone knows of.
The Wagners represent an ominous trend in geo-politics:
Atrocity and subsequent denial
This is the way political agendas will be remorselessly enforced, at least by Russians, probably for the rest of our lifetimes!
“Protection” will continue to be a cruel joke!