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30 Sept 18 G45 Yesterday, I got a chance to get my hands on Glocks’s latest addition: The G45 The G45 is basically a G19X (9mm), with some updates and “enhancements.” First copies are now in the pipeline and will hit retailers sometime in October. The G19X, popular since its introduction last year, is a […]

Nobody Cares!

25 Sept 18 “A ‘committee’ is a group of people who individually can do nothing, but who as a group, can meet and decide that nothing can be done.” Fred Allen Most people are far more vulnerable than they imagine! From a student: “Two weeks ago, my housekeeper (an naturalized American citizen, born in Brazil) […]

Banning Magazines, Knives, and Books!

21 Sept 18 Leftist bullies don’t always succeed! The State of New Hampshire officially jettisoned all knife-related statutes in 2011. Other states are quietly following! Proponents of this purgative measure clearly showed that “knife regulations,” invariably so poorly written as to be indecipherable, were mostly unenforceable anyway, and in any event demonstrably had zero deterrent […]

A Hero!

19 Sept 18 A hero goes down fighting! Last Sunday morning, an American/Israeli (duel citizenship), Ari Fuld, was precipitously attacked by a knife-wielding Palestinian teenager in Israel. He was stabbed in the back at a shopping center near Jerusalem. Fuld was likely targeted due to his high-profile, pro-Israel political activism. At the moment of his […]

“The East is Red”

18 Sept 18 How far we’ve come! Language now regularly emanating from the mouths of hard-left Democrats (is there another kind?) would be regarded as worthy of true Communist heroes, and garner generalized public adulation in Cuba, the DPRK and the PRC! Modern-day variants of Mao’s loudly-chanting, book-waving Red Guards are today sporting blue T-shirts, […]

Lancer Magazines

12 Sept 18 Lancer Rifle Magazines: For my M4s, I like 30-round magazines by Magpul, Lancer, and a few others. I also like both Lancer and Magpul magazines for my Farnam Signature 7.62×51. Lancer makes both a 20-round and a 25-round version. I use both regularly, and both run just fine. The plastic body of […]

New ammunition Restrictions in CA

11 Sept 18 “‘It was a mistake,’ you said. Yet, the cruelty is: It felt as if the mistake was mine, for trusting you.” David Levithan In CA, where Democrat politicians apparently can’t distinguish a “bullet” from a “cartridge,” a whole new layer of restrictions upon sales of ammunition are in the works. California leftists […]


10 Sept 18 “The Agenda” “Arms are permissible, when there is no hope except in arms.” Niccolo Machiavelli Our liberal “mainstream” media, corruptly motivated only by grievance and identity politics, have piously declared that reports on recurring, fatal attacks on South African farmers by ANC-sponsored thugs (their version of ANTIFA) are all untrue! They point-out […]


8 Sept 18 An advertising maxim says: “You have to spell-out the ‘benefit of the benefit.’ People don’t buy quarter-inch drill bits. They buy quarter-inch holes, so they can hang photos of their children.” A friend at TSA just sent me this link: It contains good information for those of us who fly frequently, […]

More Complete List!

6 Sept 18 In my Quip of 3 Sept 18, I published an incomplete list of the “Senior Cadre” of practitioners of our Art. I should know better, because when I do something like this, I always make a foolish omission, or two. My sincere apologies to my esteemed colleagues mistakenly not included in the […]


5 Sept 18 Deadly Force! “Shoot, when you have no choice! Don’t, when you have other choices that are reasonably safe. When you have no choice except to shoot, who cares if it’s ‘legal?’ When you don’t need to shoot, who cares if it would have been ‘legal?’” Frieling The foregoing quotation, from a celebrated […]

“You get to have your own opinion, but not your own facts!”

4 Sept 18 “That’s a fact, Jack!” “John” (played by Bill Murray), in the 1981 feature film “Stripes” Last Friday, two American tourists were singled-out, attacked, and stabbed by a 19-year-old Afghan Jihadi within a busy train station in Amsterdam. Central Station is, in fact, the entry and exit point for most visitors to Amsterdam […]

Blog Critic

3 Sept 18 Reply to a Critic: In a recent bolg-post (the Blog is called “Civilian Gunfighter”), the author, never identified, is mildly critical of comments made by me in one of my books, “The Farnam Method of Defensive Handgunning.” While “skimming through it,” he noticed that I suggested to those of us who carry […]