25 Sept 18

“A ‘committee’ is a group of people who individually can do nothing, but who as a group, can meet and decide that nothing can be done.”

Fred Allen

Most people are far more vulnerable than they imagine!

From a student:

“Two weeks ago, my housekeeper (an naturalized American citizen, born in Brazil) was shopping at 9:00pm in a nearby supermarket in an upper, middle-class neighborhood.

She is attractive, but dresses, and conducts herself, conservatively.

She was attacked and sexually battered while innocently pushing a cart down an aisle!

A man she didn’t know had been following her for several minutes. Suddenly, he grabbed her from behind, pulled her close to him, groped her, and tried to kiss her.

She screamed and struggled.

He precipitously released her after several seconds and then asked her not to call police. He subsequently casually walked out of the store.

She immediately called 911 on her cell phone. She also summoned the store manager.

There was one other customer who was close-by and who witnessed the entire attack. He did not intervene and walked out of the store without helping, nor saying anything.

The store manager sheepishly assured her that the suspect would never be allowed back in the store. She emphatically told him, and police, she wanted the event investigated, and that she would sign a criminal complaint.

Responding police, and the store manager, nonchalantly told her that would all be unnecessary and that she was “overreacting.”

This happened two weeks ago. The local police department has never gotten back to her, nor has the store manager, nor corporate headquarters.

There has been no arrest, no investigation. No warning notice was ever posted in the store about the attack.

You’re right with your admonition:

‘We’re on our own!’”

Comment: I suspect this particular violent perpetrator conducts these attacks on a regular basis, has for years, and will continue, with scant concern about being arrested, nor prosecuted.

His victims are all subsequently told, by both police and local merchants alike, to “keep quiet about it,” because negative publicity is “bad for business,” and “… we don’t want people getting upset!”

Despite flowery, double-tongued, boiler-plate rhetoric, ambient parties are far more concerned about protecting cash-flow and advancing careers than they ever will be about anyone’s personal safety.

None of us should find that particularly surprising!

“With icy determination, we must maintain our own personal, individual state of readiness.

Don’t feel like putting on your pistol, nor wearing attire that will conceal it?

Don’t want to be bothered putting your M4/AK in the car?

Blades, TTGSW kit handy?

Worried about violating some stupid ‘rule’ intended to keep you a perpetually helpless, frightened victim?

These decisions are yours, and your life depends on them, quite literally!

Unfortunately, there may some (legal) risk involved in maintaining a reasonable state of readiness, but it pales
in comparison to being naively unprepared.

‘Authorities’ and politicians are surely not going to tell you any of this!”