6 Sept 18

In my Quip of 3 Sept 18, I published an incomplete list of the “Senior Cadre” of practitioners of our Art.

I should know better, because when I do something like this, I always make a foolish omission, or two.

My sincere apologies to my esteemed colleagues mistakenly not included in the original Quip!

A more complete List (in no particular order):

Mas Ayoob, Dave Spaulding, Tom Givens, Manny Kapelsohn, Denny Tueller, Marty Hayes, Joe Gilbert, Freddie Blish, Jeff Gonzales, Gabe Suarez, James Yeager, Clint Smith, Skip Gochenour, John Murphy, Evan Marshal, Chuck Soltys, Gary Greco, Jeff Chudwin, John Holschen, Bill Aprill, Claude Werner, Spencer Keepers, Karl Rehn, and me.

All are my friends, esteemed colleagues, and heroes!

And, I’m sure the foregoing List in still incomplete, but I wanted to put this out in order to properly recognize this magnificent cadre!