30 Sept 18


Yesterday, I got a chance to get my hands on Glocks’s latest addition:

The G45

The G45 is basically a G19X (9mm), with some updates and “enhancements.” First copies are now in the pipeline and will hit retailers sometime in October.

The G19X, popular since its introduction last year, is a G19 with a G17 frame, ie: a short slide and long grip.

As a concealed-carry gun, I like the regular G19 much better, but as noted, the G19X has sold well!

I commented to friends at Glock that a 9mm pistol called the “G45″ will generate no end of caliber confusion among customers! They agreed, but we both understood that the matter is now well past any chance of correction!

The G45 has several internal improvements designed to increase the useful life of the pistol. Of course, the vast majority of consumers will never shoot it, nor any gun, anywhere near enough to “wear it out.”

These improvements will soon be incorporated into all new-production Glocks.

The NY Trigger (NY1), which I once recommended because it never broke, is now irrelevant and unnecessary on all Glocks Gen4 and later.

For the first time in Glock’s history, they are now manufacturing a pistol with forward slide serrations. The G45 features slide serrations in the rear, as before, but also forward of the ejection port.

Up until now, Glock’s legal department recommended against forward slide serrations, and anything else that would temp fingers and hands to get near the muzzle. Apparently, they were overruled this time, in an attempt to attract non-serious shooters and others who own guns for non-serious purposes.

I think the legal department was, and is, right!

During reloading and stoppage-reduction, hands should not go forward of the ejection port, nor is there any legitimate reason for hands to be there.

Who grab slides forward of the ejection port invariably drape fingers over the muzzle!

Not smart, and not necessary!

The G45, like all Glocks, runs fine.

Neither the G19X, nor the G45, would be my first choice for concealed carry. As noted, the G19 works just fine for that purpose, and it has subsequently been shamelessly copied by nearly every other major manufacturer.

For more aggressively discreet concealed carry, the G43 is a good way to go (along with the S&W Shield, XD/S, Kahr PM9, SIG 365, Walther PPS/M2)

If the history of the G19X is any guide, I suspect the G45 will be a hit!

But, the plain-vanilla G19 will continue to sell just fine too.

It is still my first choice!