18 Sept 18

How far we’ve come!

Language now regularly emanating from the mouths of hard-left Democrats (is there another kind?) would be regarded as worthy of true Communist heroes, and garner generalized public adulation in Cuba, the DPRK and the PRC!

Modern-day variants of Mao’s loudly-chanting, book-waving Red Guards are today sporting blue T-shirts, doubtless provided by Nike, and openly shouting for death to conservatives, gun-owners, Christians, Jews, and capitalists of all kinds.

The media thinks they’re “cute”

To strengthen this fall, by their definition of achieving victory, socialists (masquerading as “Democrats”) will not only focus their overheated hatred upon firearms as objects of scorn, they will simultaneously demean personal identities of owners and users of firearms, knowing full-well that neither they, nor their heavily-armed
bodyguards, will ever be affected by draconian firearm, magazine, and ammunition bans that they will soon zealously endeavor to jam down the throats of the rest of us.

No Democrat will dare vary from that theme!

You’ve only to ask a current resident of Venezuela or Nicaragua how socialism is “working-out” for them!

Socialists bring only squalor, squalid helplessness, high levels of violent crime (as in Chicago), suffocation of individual freedom, high penalties for opposing them, and endless luxury for themselves (as in North Korea)

It’s headed our way!

No wonder Democrats are deathly afraid of armed citizens!

“Without freedom, I am a slave in shackles on a ship lost at sea.

With freedom, I am a captain!”

Richelle E. Goodrich