11 Sept 18

“‘It was a mistake,’ you said. Yet, the cruelty is:

It felt as if the mistake was mine, for trusting you.”

David Levithan

In CA, where Democrat politicians apparently can’t distinguish a “bullet” from a “cartridge,” a whole new layer of restrictions upon sales of ammunition are in the works.

California leftists are reminiscent of ancient Mayan priests who, fearing lunar eclipses, tossed severed heads of unlucky citizens from bloody sacrificial altars on-high to waiting crowds of chanting, swaying, devotees below.

Lunar eclipses came anyway, and the predictable cry from the priestly class, concerned about keeping their cushy jobs, was of course,

“We didn’t go far enough! We didn’t sever enough heads!”

Sound familiar?

Similarly, Democrat politicians know and understand that none of the restrictions they’ve already imposed on hapless citizens, nor any of those they’re currently implementing, will reduce violent crime. In fact, violent crime is steadily increasing in CA, and has been for the past five decades.

It is increasing, because that is exactly what leftist politicians want. They know only too well,

“The more crime you have, the more government you need!”

They’re banking on it, and their “dirty little secret” is of course, that all these new and onerous assailments on individual rights and freedoms are cynically designed to fail!

They know full-well they’re going to fail!

They want them to fail!

Because when they fail, which they always do, counting on citizens’ short memories, Democrats will call for a whole new round of corrosive assaults on individual rights, predictably chanting,

“We didn’t go far enough!”

I wonder if it occurs to average CA citizens how curious it is that they are expected to fully support their own disarmament, while Democrat politicians not only remain armed, but become increasingly better armed (at taxpayer expense) will all the guns, magazines, and ammunition “ordinary” citizens can’t even touch!

If gun prohibition is such a good idea, why don’t its ardent proponents start with themselves?

Why do leftist politicians, without fail, exempt themselves from their own laws?

Only leftists are worthy of such hypocritical treachery, and betrayal!

“There are three signs of a hypocrite:

1) When he speaks, he lies

2) When he makes a promise, he breaks it

3) When he is trusted, he betrays all who trusted him”