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27 Feb 18 Heroes! Owain Glyndwr has been called the “Welsh Braveheart,” because of the similarity of his life and mission to that of William Wallace of Scotland, a century earlier. Revered today throughout the UK as a great national hero, Owain was not loved by many of their ancestors at the end of the […]

Slippery Slope!

24 Feb 18 Bump-Stocks and Mental Illness We’ve yet to see where all this is going, at least at the Federal level, but even DJT currently thinks “Bump-Stocks” need to be banned, and NICS checks need to be “tightened,” particularly with regard to “mental illness,” however that illusive term might be defined. As always, critical […]

Red Storm Rising!

22 Feb 18 Red Storm Rising: There are precious few of us who can remember any “school shooting” that occurred within CONUS, before 1990. That was the year then-Senator Joe (“… and all you need is a double-barrel shotgun”) Biden proposed the “Gun-Free School Zone Act” that was subsequently passed and signed into law by […]

DJT Comments!

21 Feb 18 Today, even DJT was talking publically about “tougher” background checks for potential gun-buyers. “Tougher?” How? Of course, we are never told. But, at least some of us ask: Should NICS now have access to prescription drug records of any American who wants to buy a gun, a change that will effectively shred […]

Mental-Health Examination?

20 Feb 18 “And what do Democrats stand for, when they are so ready to defame concerned citizens as “the mob,” a word betraying a Marie-Antoinette delusion of superiority to ordinary mortals?” Camille Paglia “Mental-Health Evaluation,” prior to legally obtaining a gun? This is one of the proposals currently enjoying the light of day in […]

Kings and Monsters!

19 Feb 18 What are they really saying? What are they really proposing? We are currently being treated to a whole new lexicon of “weasel words” and “weasel terms,” by leftists who just can’t seem to ever get to the point! 1) “Gun ‘safety’ legislation” Exactly what do they mean by that? Specifically, what are […]

Real Security!

17 Feb 18 “The search for truth takes us where evidence leads, even when we don’t want to go there.” Bart Ehrman Since the 1970s, Israelis have had to confront, and deal with, armed attacks on schools by Palestinian Islamic terrorists. Attacks were (and are) beastly and relentless. The distasteful, but inescapable, conclusion to which […]


16 Feb 18 Cor Bon is in Sturgis, SD, not MI! /John

Ammunition Update

16 Feb 18 Cor Bon Update: I just got off the phone with TA Perrine at Cor Bon in Sturgis, MI. He indicated that Cor Bon is now shipping ammunition (including DPX) to Cabela’s and Sportsman’s Guide. It may not appear on retail shelves for a few more weeks, but you can order it now […]

Guns for Me but Not for Thee!

15 Feb 18 Hoi Polloi (AKA: “The Unwashed,” “Peons,” “Riffraff”) In the wake of yesterday’s terrible event in FL, gun-prohibition advocates are predictably wasting no time in shrieking for additional “reasonable restrictions” on our Second Amendment rights. Like leftists everywhere, they never get into inconvenient details of course, but insist we have to “do something.” […]

We’re doing it for your own good!

13 Feb 18 “Praise from your critics is akin to the executioner commenting that you have a pretty neck!” Eli Wallach The heart of CBS’ 60-Minutes latest “report” on 2nd Amendment issues was not surprising to anyone familiar with the hopelessly liberal media. The commentator (Steve Kroft), after assuring us all that he is so […]


6 Feb 18 Political Agendas: In late January, a Colorado teacher, while traveling in NY, was arrested by local authorities at the Airport in Albany, NY (ALB) as she declared her legally-owned and correctly packaged-for-travel pistol (in checked baggage) to SW Airlines for her trip home. TSA enforces federal law, so they don’t care. But […]

Leftist Koolaid is Thinning!

4 Feb 18 “In politics, all abstract terms conceal treachery!” CLR James Last Thursday, the Illinois Supreme Court unanimously threw-out a Democrat-sponsored state law that “prohibits the possession of any firearm within 1,000 feet of a park.” Justices said the law was impossible to even define, much less enforce. An otherwise innocent gun-owner could unknowingly […]

High-Performance 9mm

1 Feb 18 High-performance 9mm pistol ammunition It’s no secret that 9mm is king right now, particularly among Operators who routinely carry guns, for serious purposes. 40S&W is still around, but over the past five years it has assumed a distant second place, more distant by the year! 357Sig is all but dead. Scant demand […]