22 Feb 18

Red Storm Rising:

There are precious few of us who can remember any “school shooting” that occurred within CONUS, before 1990.

That was the year then-Senator Joe (“… and all you need is a double-barrel shotgun”) Biden proposed the “Gun-Free School Zone Act” that was subsequently passed and signed into law by our good friend, and professing “Republican,” George HW Bush!

This signaled the ominous commencement of the “Gun-Free Zone” movement, and the simultaneous beginning of school shootings in America!

This legislation makes it a federal offense for even a police officer in a school to shoot at a terrorist, who is in the process of murdering innocent children, when the officer is off duty! It makes one wonder if any of these donor-seeking politicians ever actually read the legislation upon which they’ve voting!

So ever since, we have been regularly concentrating large numbers of school children in an enclosed space, where no one present is allowed to use deadly force to protect them, unless they’re “on the clock.” And even then, many uniformed “SROs” are unarmed, per “school policy,” imposed by contemptible administrators who are far more worried about keeping their jobs than they ever will be about doing them!

Results should have been predictable!

Do you think we’ll ever see Brinks armored vehicles with signs on the side, saying “This is a Gun-Free Truck?”

As a society, we obviously value our cash infinitely more than our children. What is really important to us, we
protect with guns!

America’s liberals are fully invested, for the past five decades, in pushing a failed social-engineering experiment that has required the wholesale abandonment of Judeo-Christian ethics, and the insistence on “no consequences for bad behavior.” This has nurtured the evolution of maladjusted monsters, by twisting and warping long-accepted social norms. The disastrous, predictable result is:

Monsters here

Monsters there

Monsters everywhere!

The only viable solution is:

Guns, in good hands, protecting our children, schools, homes- as well as our cash!

Yet, just beneath the surface of elitist progressives’ verbalized offers to engage in “exploratory dialogue” with supporters of our Second Amendment, lies a depraved, deep-seated, pathological hatred of us and all gun-owners, that dates all the way back to 1917! Their real, and only, goal is the complete elimination of private ownership of guns in America, and always has been. Any “negotiation” in which they participate is an elaborate hoax, a cynical deception designed to camouflage true intentions.

Never doubt it!

In fact, one of their “provisional wings,” the quaint “Resist 45” group, taking their cue from ISIS, is now openly exhorting its people to murder NRA members. To their credit, they are at least straightforward about their intentions!

None are safe from these neo-Bolsheviks!

Are we in a new “October Revolution,” or just a continuation of the old one?

“No one should suffer from the great delusion that any form of Communism or Socialism, which promotes the dictatorship of the few instead of the initiative of the millions, can produce a happy or prosperous society.”

Charles E Wilson