13 Feb 18

“Praise from your critics is akin to the executioner commenting that you have a pretty neck!”

Eli Wallach

The heart of CBS’ 60-Minutes latest “report” on 2nd Amendment issues was not surprising to anyone familiar with the hopelessly liberal media.

The commentator (Steve Kroft), after assuring us all that he is so fair and in fact “hunted with his farther and grandfather,” (don’t they all!) proceeded to present the National CCW Reciprocity Bill, now making its way through Congress, as a war between the “Gun Lobby” and the police!

Police officials in NYC, who were simply handed the microphone, smugly commented that only they, and selected friends, should be able to even have guns, much less carry them. Kroft nodded in approval. What a surprise!

Many individual police officers and officials, including most sheriffs here in CO, favor this new legislation, but of course, we didn’t hear from any of them.

The NRA apparently declined to be interviewed. After being screwed by the media so many times, you really can’t blame them!

Others in favor of this bill were interviewed, or rather argued with, but Kroft assured them that shooting incidents would result “within a month or so,” when the bill becomes law. Dubious predictions like that are easy to make of course, when you don’t have to back them up!

Such “wild west” predictions always precede passage of CCW shall-issue laws. When the predicted “wild west” doesn’t happen (in fact, violent crime always goes down), vitiated liberals who made such careless predictions suddenly develop amnesia!

As always, CBS and their commentators, like all leftists, are utterly incapable of objectivity.

It is not surprising.

We believe individual “rights” are conferred upon us all, by none other than our Creator. Our Nation’s Founders rebelled against the European system which decrees there are no “rights,” only “privileges,” and that privileges attach to one’s status within society. It is a “caste system,” where one’s status can never change and that certain privileges are enjoyed only by the ruling elite (who are never questioned nor held accountable) and selected supporters. And unlike rights, privileges can be arbitrarily granted and withheld, at the casual whim of “the anointed.”

Our Second Amendment, wisely included in our Constitution by our Founders, understandably frightens and simultaneously confounds these modern-day royalists, who would return America to the European caste system.

They know all too well, as we do, what people with guns will do to people without guns! They thus want us to be forever without guns, but they soft-sell the idea to the gullible by insisting they’re “doing it for our own good,” masquerading as “benevolent despots”

The self-anointed, in and out of the media, are so predictable!