17 Feb 18

“The search for truth takes us where evidence leads, even when we don’t want to go there.”

Bart Ehrman

Since the 1970s, Israelis have had to confront, and deal with, armed attacks on schools by Palestinian Islamic terrorists. Attacks were (and are) beastly and relentless.

The distasteful, but inescapable, conclusion to which they reluctantly came is that schools will have to protect themselves!

There will never be enough soldiers, nor police, so that an adequate number can be assigned, permanently, to each school, hospital, place of worship, gathering-places of all kinds.

Israelis have had to honestly confront the ugly fact that they will have to take individual, personal responsibility for protecting their own homes, schools, places of worship, et al.

In the case of schools, teachers and administrators have had to step-up to the plate, become armed and trained, and accept direct, personal responsibility for the safety of children in their charge.

The points are:

1) “Safety,” “security,” etc are words we’ve naively invented, and foolishly use to wistfully describe a non-existent condition.

2) Lethal threats are mostly unpreventable, unpredictable, inscrutable, and spasmodic, BUT NOT UNFORESEEABLE!

3) “Institutional security” is largely theater, mostly for the purpose of naive public consumption

4) The only real, tangible security, that has any chance of success, is personal!

It is point 4 that liberal politicians don’t want to acknowledge, because it involves personal freedom and liberty, which ever frightens them!

There’s more:

For decades, within our liberal-dominated educational system, children are indoctrinated with the dogma that any use of force, by anyone, under any circumstances, is always wrong. Self-defense is therefore unjust. Thus, being a “good victim” is everyone’s ultimate civic duty. You can run away, but you can never fight. Forceful resistance to evil is bad enough, but effective fighting (with guns) is unthinkable!

And yet, we see that reflexively choosing surrender as a response, when evil comes calling, is a recipe for certain death!

That dilemma has confounded Israel for decades, but they finally got past it!

We need to do the same thing!

We need to arm and train teachers and school officials, and assign them the solemn duty to effectively, personally protect their children.

We need to stop wasting time talking about utter nonsense like:

1) Herding all even suspected of “mental illness” into gulags

2) Kicking-in the door or every American household and confiscating guns

3) Assigning a contingent of National Guardsmen to every school

And, the foregoing is no exaggeration. I’ve heard it (and worse) continually from the lips of liberal commentators for the last two days!

“No kingdom can be secured otherwise than by arming the people. The possession of arms is the distinction between a freeman and a slave.”

James Burgh