4 Feb 18

“In politics, all abstract terms conceal treachery!”

CLR James

Last Thursday, the Illinois Supreme Court unanimously threw-out a Democrat-sponsored state law that “prohibits the possession of any firearm within 1,000 feet of a park.”

Justices said the law was impossible to even define, much less enforce. An otherwise innocent gun-owner could unknowingly violate this “law” by merely driving past a park, or even living near a park.

Dubious arguments by state bureaucrats that the law “protects children,” were deemed ridiculous, and utterly unsupported by any credible evidence, nor data. The state’s “argument” was based on nothing but empty emotion, the only way leftists ever argue for anything!

At least some judges still don’t drink leftist Koolaid!

In America, citizens, starting with elementary school, are taught that we cannot trust our senses, that there is a mysterious “layer” between reality and perception. That “layer” is controlled, of course, by plantation-owners!

Inductive reasoning is not only discouraged, it is banned outright as treasonous!

When we don’t consider our perceptions to be real, not much learning is possible. What is possible is blind, emotional indoctrination. This is where leftists live, and insist the rest of us live too!

“Induction” implies the ability to honestly look at events and objects and find similarities. We gradually create a working theory, and then look at our theory over a broader set of events, and see if it holds. Productive thinking thus requires an iterative process of induction and deduction.

At one time, this was called “common sense!”

With no inductive component in our thinking, we become vulnerable to unsupported, agenda-driven, propaganda, where “facts” are presented, absent any evidence (as was the case in IL, above). And of course, with leftists, their phoney “facts” can never be questioned. That would be “politically incorrect,” and make us guilty of “conspiracy theories!”

This non-factual, leftist propaganda, into which no inquiry is ever permitted, is served-up daily by our fraudulent “news media.”

Inductive/deductive reasoning, free from agendas, must be taught by example, because you’ll never see it in the media, nor among most politicians.

It’s the best gift we can pass-on to future generations, even though it is mostly “out of style” today!

Thank Heaven among men and women or honor, and at least a few judges, it is still revered!

“The parasite lusts after power. He wants to bind all men together in common action and common slavery. He claims that man is only a tool for the use of others, that he must think as they think, act as they act, and live is selfless, joyless servitude.

For one, I do not believe slavery is noble. Not in any form, nor for any purpose”

Howard Roark (played by Gary Cooper) in the 1949 feature film, “The Fountainhead”