19 Feb 18

What are they really saying?

What are they really proposing?

We are currently being treated to a whole new lexicon of “weasel words” and “weasel terms,” by leftists who just can’t seem to ever get to the point!

1) “Gun ‘safety’ legislation”

Exactly what do they mean by that? Specifically, what are they proposing? They never say. We only hear that “weapons of war” should never be in the hands of anyone- except of course, for their bodyguards!

2) “Improved background checks”

Improved how? Does this mean an unpaid parking ticket will now prevent Americans from owning guns? Just how “perfect” do I have to be in order to legally own a gun?

They won’t tell us!

We might recall Democrat-sponsored, and much-heralded, “diversion programs”, designed to prevent “youthful offenders” from acquiring criminal records that could prevent them from legally acquiring guns. This ill-conceived legislation actually aided the FL murderer!

Funny, but I don’t hear anyone, from either side of the aisle, proposing that we get rid of it!

The only thing I do hear is that I don’t “need” a gun.

Here in America, leftist politicians, and their media lackeys, aren’t really very good at anything, except telling the rest of us we have too much freedom.

We’re all told that we need to be “punished,” because we own guns. All of us who have never committed a crime, can’t be trusted.

When Democrats/liberals/leftists insist I can’t be trusted with my guns, why would I ever trust them with theirs?

We’re back to our ingenious Second Amendment!

Military small-arms are the one class of weapons most protected of all by our Second Amendment, because each of us is an involuntary member of the Militia. It’s our birthright, and our birth-obligation, like it or not!

Without the Second Amendment, the rest of our “inalienable rights” as Americans are just hollow promises, so much empty fluff, and will be gone with the wind. We’ll be back to a European feudal/caste system within a single generation.

“There is a darkness in you, in all of us, probably. Beasts we keep chained. Ordinary men have to keep these chains strong, for when we let the beast loose, society will turn upon us with fiery vengeance.

Kings though…well, who is there to turn upon them? So their ‘chains’ are made of straw.

It is the curse of kings that they can become monsters, and invariably do.”

David Gemmell