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31 Oct 17 The beat goes on! Another vehicle attack today, this time in NYC! Could have been much worse, were it not for a courageous school-bus driver As has been pointed-out by many, including me, this kind of attack is easily put together, and easily exported. We’ll see more of it! The single suspect […]

Don’t Go!

30 Oct 17 Don’t Go! Mexico is currently, via TV ads, desperately, almost hopelessly, tying to lure skeptical American tourists. Understandable, since the entire tourist industry south of the border, due to relentless, dramatic, and widespread violence, has all but dried up. Competing drug-gangs are using high-profile, ghastly, tortuous murders as a kind of “terrorism […]

True Colors!

24 Oct 17 “There are no longer ‘liberals,’ nor ‘progressives,’ just Communists, in varying shades of red.” Marshall It’s not so much what leftists say, but what they do, when forced to reveal themselves for what they really are, that their true colors become obvious. Some, with a straight face, even claim to “support” our […]

Upcoming DTI Courses

19 Oct 17 Training with John S Farnam and DTI: We regularly update our schedule on our Web Page at, and a number of students have asked that we start sending monthly notifications of what’s coming up. We promise not to spam you with every change! As a reminder, you can save $25.00 by […]

“The Thick of the Fight!”

18 Oct 17 “We had no home front We had no soft soap They sent us Playboy They gave us Bob Hope We dug in deep And shot on sight And prayed to Jesus Christ With all of our might Remember Charlie? Remember Baker? They left their childhood On every acre And who was wrong? […]

The Test, Ready or Not!

13 Oct 17 Welcome to the wild, wild world of 2017 AD! Our Las Vegas, NV Sheriff says his officers didn’t arrive on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Hotel until shooting was mostly over. Hotel spokesman insists uniformed police were there much earlier. Either way, in today’s volatile world, all LEOs having quick […]

Century Arms RAS47 Rifle

11 Oct 17 “All that is complex is not good. All that is truly good, is simple.” Kalashnikov Century Arms RAS47 Kalashnikov Rifle I’ve had many Kalashnikovs come through my Urban Rifle Classes. They have been manufactured in the (former) Soviet Union, China, America, even Pakistan. With the exception of the ones made in Pakistan, […]

What’s in a Name?

10 Oct 17 Names and Reputations: “Character is much easier kept than ‘recovered’” Thomas Paine Among most American Indian tribes, at least in the 1800s and before, each individual had a name, but you didn’t get to select it yourself! You were named for some habit or quirk displayed at you grew up. Some were […]

Back to the 1400s!

7 Oct 17 “May the forces of evil become confused on their way to your house.” George Carlin “Two of the rifles were outfitted with medium-magnification scopes and two-legged supports, known as bipods, attached to the undersides of the weapons. These additions would have helped Mr Paddock target specific individuals.” The foregoing is a quotation […]

Unarmed Police?

3 Oct 17 “Never call an unarmed man ‘security’” Grossman During last Sunday’s shooting in Las Vegas, NV, at least two police officers, a Federal agent in one case, “borrowed” pistols from armed non-police, because they (the officers) were not carrying concealed guns at the time. In retrospect, I’m sure they wish they had been! […]

Age of Terrorism!

2 Oct 17 “Age of Terrorism” We’re in it! Sunday night’s massive shooting incident in Las Vegas, NV is just the latest in a long series of terrorist actions. This time, not in the Mideast, France, Sweden, nor the UK! Not much information about the perpetrator yet, but I suspect when all is revealed, details […]


1 Oct 17 “Can’t you read the sign?” Variants of “guns prohibited” signs are posted in many places. Usually added is the phrase, “for your safety” (which loosely translates to: “… for the ‘safety’ of our cushy jobs”) Self-righteous liberals (or is it “progressives?”) continue their incessant march to erase every vestige of individual initiative […]