3 Oct 17

“Never call an unarmed man ‘security’”


During last Sunday’s shooting in Las Vegas, NV, at least two police officers, a Federal agent in one case, “borrowed” pistols from armed non-police, because they (the officers) were not carrying concealed guns at the time.

In retrospect, I’m sure they wish they had been!

With what we know now, those pistols may not have influenced the outcome of this particular event in any measurable way, but those officers did not know that at the time!

Lesson for all of us:


“Police” is not “what we do”

“Police” is what we are!

And you either are, or you aren’t!

With so many non-police going armed (legally) in most states, don’t you think police ought to go armed too?

“I neither want, nor expect, trouble. But, I don’t want to be found dead, because I was optimistic. I’ll wear my gun, use my own good judgment, be careful of what I say, and perhaps there won’t be trouble.”

From Louis L’Amour’s western novel, “Over On the Dry Side”