31 Oct 17

The beat goes on!

Another vehicle attack today, this time in NYC!

Could have been much worse, were it not for a courageous school-bus driver

As has been pointed-out by many, including me, this kind of attack is easily put together, and easily exported.

We’ll see more of it!

The single suspect is “middle-eastern,” and yelled “AA” during the attack. What a surprise!

NYC’s Marxist mayor almost immediately (wishfully) declared that there was no ongoing threat, long before he had any business saying any such thing. Liberals, in and out of the media, typically tell you what they wish were true, not what is actually true!

He also (as usual) declared the suspect a “lone wolf.” More wishful thinking!

Typical ineffective government response will be the imposition of new restrictions on rental vehicles, which will of course, have zero effect on terrorists. Similar attempts to impose burdensome restrictions on the private ownership of guns are also ineffective. Once more, we’re predictably treated to lots of “security theater,” but precious little actual security, as we see!

What can be done by units of government to effectively address this kind of terrorist attack, and terrorist attacks in general?

All the things they don’t want to do:

>Restrict immigration from terrorist nations.

>Adopt “criminal profiling” as standard LE procedure

>Build a wall on our southern border.

>Start deporting illegal immigrants.

>Jail those who come back.

Again, none of the forgoing will happen any time soon.

What can we do as individuals?

>Understand that you’re “on your own.”

>Adopt personal preparedness as a way of life. Keep your head up

>Tweak your lifestyle so that you reduce exposure to aggravated risk. Get out of NYC, out of NYS!

>Acquire effective military weapons, pistols and rifles, and learn how to use them

>Go armed

>Have heavy weapons (rifles) always nearby

>Be prepared to change plans, particularly travel plans, instantly

>Be always ready to act decisively when necessary! Think in advance about what you might have to do, so you won’t hesitate. You will not get a second chance!

Terrorists will kill us all, unless we kill them first! It’s time everyone, in and out of government, confront this stark truth squarely!

All must take serious, personal responsibility for their own safety!

Conversely, when you think you want to be a “victim,” history will happily accommodate you, with no wavering, no regrets!

“No one is more dangerous than he who imagines himself ‘pure in heart,’ for his ‘purity,’ is by definition, unassailable.”

James Baldwin