30 Oct 17

Don’t Go!

Mexico is currently, via TV ads, desperately, almost hopelessly, tying to lure skeptical American tourists. Understandable, since the entire tourist industry south of the border, due to relentless, dramatic, and widespread violence, has all but dried up.

Competing drug-gangs are using high-profile, ghastly, tortuous murders as a kind of “terrorism theater” in order to gain status and intimidate rival gangs, along with citizens , and even police.

The government’s “fight” against them is mostly in vain!

Mexico’s highways are bearing a close resemblance to those depicted in “Mad Max!”

And, Mexico’s immemorial corruption and incompetence, at all levels of government, insures nothing will improve any time soon!

Even well-known tourist areas are blatantly unsafe. Border-towns, which used to be regularly frequented by hoards of American tourists are now virtual ghost-towns. Formally-trendy hotels and restaurants are boarded-up and rotting away!

Residents of CA, AZ, TX, and NM who live near our “border” with Mexico had better be preparing for drug-gang violence- overflowing into the CONUS. Drug cartels do not recognize international borders.

Why should they?

“There’s nothing more dangerous than someone who ‘… wants to make the world a better place.’”