13 Oct 17

Welcome to the wild, wild world of 2017 AD!

Our Las Vegas, NV Sheriff says his officers didn’t arrive on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Hotel until shooting was mostly over.

Hotel spokesman insists uniformed police were there much earlier.

Either way, in today’s volatile world, all LEOs having quick access to a rifle that is carefully sighted-in, and with which the officer has trained extensively, is not a melodramatic, over-the-top gesticulation.

It represents logical, prudent, and critically necessary policy!

Ditto for always carrying a “combat load” of ammunition (charged magazines) for both rifle and pistol(s).

Same applies to all practicing Operators, LEO, or not. We need to be instantly “capable!”

When The Test comes, they’ll be no time to “retrieve” weapons you need. Help is not on the way. The Test will not wait, and you’re going to live or die with what you have with you.

Put another way:


Today, I flew (via commercial airline) to a distant city to work with several local students. I’m staying in a local hotel.

Of course, I’ll be maintaining a low profile, but I have two pistols with me, a heavy, high-capacity service pistol, and a smaller back-up pistol (Beretta APX and Kahr PM45), both of which I’ll be carrying continuously, discreetly concealed.

In addition, I have my FSM4 (w/ Law Tactical folding stock), with four, fully-charged 30-round magazines (one in the rifle, and three spares), discreetly concealed within an innocuous 511 “Skateboard Case”

I also have a DTI Trauma Kit, tactical flashlights, Fox OC spray, etc.

For domestic travel, the foregoing is standard!

“When you wait for mango fruits to fall, you’ll be wasting your time, while others are learning how to climb mango trees”

Michael B Johnson