2 Oct 17

“Age of Terrorism” We’re in it!

Sunday night’s massive shooting incident in Las Vegas, NV is just the latest in a long series of terrorist actions. This time, not in the Mideast, France, Sweden, nor the UK!

Not much information about the perpetrator yet, but I suspect when all is revealed, details will not be surprising!

In the interim, all of us must understand more terrorist events are just around the corner!

Critical issues to keep in mind:

CROWDS ARE DANGEROUS! No matter where, no matter the occasion. We need to stop kidding ourselves into thinking these kinds of attacks happen only in “third-world” countries. A thin veneer of (mostly imaginary) “civilization” separates the United States from more notoriously dangerous places, and it is getting thinner by the day!

When in a crowd, KNOW THE BEST ESCAPE ROUTES AHEAD OF TIME! In Sunday’s incident, most victims were shot when jammed into predictable bottlenecks near gate entrances. There are almost always “alternative” exits. Most of us can climb a fence, break a window, or step-over a barrier. Exits marked “Security Only,” “Reserved for VIP,” etc are fair game in an emergency! You can apologize later! Always reconnoiter ahead of time!

FLASHLIGHTS SAVE LIVES! There is every reason to believe, as these attacks continue, most will take place at night! At night, an Operator with a tactical flashlight can find many paths of escape that are not obvious to those groping in darkness.

TRAUMA KITS SAVE LIVES! You should never be far from IBDs and tourniquets! You will have to treat wounded, at the scene, maybe including yourself! It may be hours before the wounded ever see the inside of an ER. It will be too late for many! Most gunshot wounds are surviveable, when those close-by are appropriately equipped and trained.

GO ARMED! Instantly returning fire with a handgun may not always be efficacious, but during the ensuing chaos, you may be subject to other pernicious threats on side-streets, alleys, and dark parking lots.

DRESS FOR SUCCESS! Wear long pants, long-sleeve shirts. Wear real shoes capable of serving you adequately during unexpected long walks. Have ID, cash, credit cards, cell phone, car keys, blades always on your person. You may find yourself unable to access your car and hotel room, maybe for days! The unprepared may thus escape injury, only to find themselves pitiable “refugees,” unable to communicate, travel, nor access basic services.

KEEP YOUR HEAD UP! Many of us have trained ourselves to look around constantly. Don’t forget to look up and down too!

Remember, terrorist attacks will always be “come as you are” events.

Terrorists are not “sick,” “misguided,” nor “disturbed.” They are just evil, and they will never be anything else!

We all need to understand that!

“The soul that has conceived one wickedness can nurse no good thereafter.”