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Rifle Skills, Never Out of Date!

29 Oct 14 “Time is precious stuff. Even a lifetime isn’t enough.” From “Some Other Time,” written by Leonard Bernstein for the 1944 Musical “On the Town.” Most famous rendition was Barbra Streisand’s from 2009 Observations of a Boer (South African of Dutch descent) Commando during the initial days of the Battle of Ladysmith (and […]

The “Three Invisibles!”

28 Oct 14 Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? A Latin phrase, traditionally attributed to the Roman poet Juvenal, from his “Satires.” It loosely translates to: “Who will guard the guards? Somebody, nobody, and who! In this Age of Islamic Terrorism, we all need to do an adequate job of maintaining all-around security. The “Three Invisibles” mentioned […]


22 Oct 14 A Day of Hunting! Today, Vicki and I spent a day with our long-time friends at Shawnee Ridge in OH. We hunt there this time every year. They are highly recommended by us! See their Web Page at: This year, my superb hunting partner was my DDA (Devil Dog Arms) 15B […]

No Guns in NY!

21 Oct 14 “Don’t wish me happiness. I don’t expect to be happy. Wish me courage, strength, and a sense of humor. I will need them all!” Anne Morrow Lindbergh Privately-owned guns in NY will now dry-up. NY’s vast army of erstwhile-unemployed bureaucrats have now decided that last year’s SAFE Act requires all “mental health […]

Bullet Performance

20 Oct 14 DPX in the field, from a friend and student in OH: “Sunday, I spotted a big groundhog (35lbs) as I was driving my tractor. He was horizontal (sunning himself) and facing away from me at a slight angle. Drawing my M&P (ful-sized, 9mm), loaded with Cor-Bon 115gr DPX, I rested the pistol […]

Dangerous Transportation!

15 Oct 14 Trapped! Monday, a VCA, who was riding on a bus taking customers from NYC to a casino in CT, suddenly went sideways and started attacking other passengers with a knife, stabbing several. No one else on the bus, including the driver, was armed. At CT State Trooper was flagged-down by the driver. […]

Armed Schools!

14 Oct 14 Armed Schools! We just completed a Defensive Pistol Course in TX. Among our students were several local school administrators. This particular school district has made the decision that several of its officers and teachers need to be continuously armed, while in school. They had no reservation about articulating the purpose of this […]

Traveling with the FSM4!

12 Oct 14 Traveling with the FSM4: We just completed an Urban Rifle Course here in TX. I’m traveling with, and using my copy of the FSM4. It continues to run and run, with nary a hiccup. Light, handy, lethal, and easy to travel with! As I mentioned, we are releasing a series of videos […]


8 Oct 14 The new “Plague?” “Safety of the people shall be the highest law.” Cicero Not any more! Like the IRS, EPA, and other federal agencies, the CDC has been completely politicized and recruited (all too willingly!) to spend its time promoting leftist causes and never report anything that makes BHO look bad. Under […]

Steel Targets

6 Oct 14 Steel Targets! From a friend on the East Coast: “Yesterday, I was struck in the chest by a large bullet fragment. I was at a popular outdoor range. A shooter several meters to my right was shooting a 45 ACP pistol at a steel disk ten meters downrange. This was quite different […]

War Measures!

3 Oct 14 Advice from a friend on active duty: “Here we go! In an effort to fulfill their most recent threat, ISIS agents within CONUS are currently scouring social media sites in order to find detailed information that will be enormously helpful as they plan murders of individual military personnel, and their families. LE […]

Modern Travel!

1 Oct 14 Trains, Planes, and Automobiles! In our current Age of Terrorism, many of us need to rethink travel plans, even domestic ones! Best way to travel is via automobile, where you can have emergency equipment constantly with you, and you have a high degree of independence with regard to sudden changes in circumstances. […]