15 Oct 14


Monday, a VCA, who was riding on a bus taking customers from NYC to a casino in CT, suddenly went sideways and started attacking other passengers with a knife, stabbing several.

No one else on the bus, including the driver, was armed.

At CT State Trooper was flagged-down by the driver. The Trooper confronted the VCA who came at him with his knife. The Trooper drew his pistol and fired, fatally wounding the VCA.

Trooper was uninjured. Several passengers suffered stab wounds. VCA died after being transported to a local hospital.

Such incidents are so common now that they barely make even local news, but there is an important lesson here:

On a moving bus or train, you are literally trapped! When unarmed, you’ll have few options in a circumstance similar to the one described above.

Many travelers have no choice, but you need to understand risks that attach to anything you do.

In NYC, of course, none of the bus passengers could be legally armed, and none were!

Liberal politicians are all alike! For one thing, they’re all amazingly paranoid. Look at Houston’s lesbian mayor (Democrat of course) wanting seriously to throw Christian ministers, who might speak out against her, into prison!

All-consuming paranoia, combined with immoderate personal vanity, is the reason liberals don’t want anyone armed, except themselves of course, but they don’t like to talk about that.

They all insist on a host of special privileges for themselves, particularly “gun privileges,” but fanatically deny them to everyone else, most especially their political opponents!

Legal gun ownership and concealed carry have dramatically lowered violent crime everywhere it has been tried, but liberals don’t care. Waves of logic beat against their paranoid arrogance in vain!

Be it in dealing with ISIS, Ebola, VCAs, or a host of other critical issues directly impacting the safety of Americans, John Boyd’s OODA (Observe, Orient, Decide, Act) Loop has been replaced with the “TWIIBAR System:”

Think Wishfully
Ignore Intelligence
Blunder Ahead

With liberals in charge, this is what you’re invariably going to get. How often do they have to prove it to us?

Best advice is to always be in a position to take care of yourself. What politicians say/promise is designed solely to benefit them, not you!

“When you say that you agree with a thing ‘in principle,’ you mean that you have not the slightest intention of carrying it out in practice.”

Otto von Bismarck