6 Oct 14

Steel Targets!

From a friend on the East Coast:

“Yesterday, I was struck in the chest by a large bullet fragment.

I was at a popular outdoor range. A shooter several meters to my right was shooting a 45 ACP pistol at a steel disk ten meters downrange.

This was quite different than the occasional zingers from small bullet particles. At home, I discovered that my skin had been struck hard enough to draw blood.

The offending steel target was badly cratered, doubtless by someone who shot a rifle at it.”

Lessons, that need repeating:

This happens many times every day! Sometimes injuries are serious. Shooting pistols at cratered steel targets, at close range, is a recipe for disaster!

However, some risk attaches to shooting any steel target, at any range.

1. Everyone present must wear appropriate protective equipment. Baseball cap, safety glasses (with side protection), long-sleeve shirts, long pants. Short-sleeve shirts and shorts are not recommended on any range!

2. Cratered steel targets are suitable only for rifle training at long range, fifty meters and beyond, although some well-designed rifle targets may be safely useable at closer range.

3. Steel targets must be made of armor plate. Soft steel is unsuitable for target material with any gun, at any range.

4. Steel targets used for pistol training at close range (five to fifteen meters) must be inspected regularly and be free from craters. Cratered steel pistol targets need to be pulled from service.

Steel targets often contribute to excellent training. I use them regularly!

However, they need to be well made and well designed and come from a reputable vendor. Even then, there is no such thing as “risk-free” training, as noted above!

Get hold of Steve Camp at Ravelin at scamp76014 for the best in steel targets.