3 Oct 14

Advice from a friend on active duty:

“Here we go!

In an effort to fulfill their most recent threat, ISIS agents within CONUS are currently scouring social media sites in order to find detailed information that will be enormously helpful as they plan murders of individual military personnel, and their families.

LE and Military need to make all personal and family social media presence, such as FB, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter disappear… overnight!

E-mail only. Even then, don’t use full names and addresses. Keep all important details non-specific.

Yes, some family members will be unhappy. But, we’re at war (even though some politician are in denial, because they despicably put politics above public safety), and war demands formidable protective measures.”

Comment: We’re on our own! Government’s role of protecting us has been badly compromised by the current Administration. Take full charge of your own life and safety. No one else will!

“The man who’s gun is never empty”

Title grudgingly conferred by Indians upon legendary American frontiersman, Simon Kenton.