20 Oct 14

DPX in the field, from a friend and student in OH:

“Sunday, I spotted a big groundhog (35lbs) as I was driving my tractor. He was horizontal (sunning himself) and facing away from me at a slight angle.

Drawing my M&P (ful-sized, 9mm), loaded with Cor-Bon 115gr DPX, I rested the pistol and put the red dot (RMR) on the center of exposed mass. Range was a measured 24m

I pressed-off a single round. It struck dead-center. Groundhog was DRT. Never moved!

I recovered the bullet. It entered the left thigh, traveled laterally thorough the entire length of the body, and was imbedded just under the skin in front of the right collar-bone.

Total penetration was 30cm (12″). The recovered bullet was fully, symmetrically expanded, and it weighed 115gr, so it shed none of its mass.

Expanded petals measured 1.45cm (.572″) across. Of the six petals, one was slightly closer to the base, doubtless due to nicking a bone.

Real life experience like this makes me even more confident carrying this ammunition for serious purposes!”

Comment: DPX is what I carry! It is surely not the only good service round, as there are any number of others, from fine manufacturers, that routinely render excellent performance, similar to that described above. However, DPX remains at the top of the List!

“A wise man learns more from a foolish question, than a fool learns from a wise answer.”

Bruce Lee