17 May 99

This just in from a friend who is trying to compete in IDPA:

“They didn’t mind my reloading at the end of each station, but then insisted that I ‘Unload and Show Clear.’ They didn’t mind my scanning but did take objection to my returning to low ready after performing a chamber check. I was informed that, if I did that at the State Championships, it would be considered ‘Taking a Sight Picture’ and therefore forbidden, even though two elements of the sight picture were missing: the target and the eye.

I also was the only one drawing from underneath a cover garment or using an IWB holster. In addition, no one else scanned at any time, and weapons were continuously unloaded, giving me the distinct impression that match organizers believed no one could be trusted with a loaded pistol.

My biggest objection was being forced to start with both hands limply down at the sides…what I refer to as the ‘Low Self-esteem Position,’ a position I have never assumed in my life!”

Lesson: Rule beaters will quickly dominate any competitive event, rendering it a sterile, pointless, exercise in collective masturbation (PPC, IPSC, Bullseye, etc). We see it over and over. The only exception is the NTI, and only because Skip won’t allow it to happen, and rule beaters are specifically asked not to attend.