10 May 99

A friend in Texas who is attempting to secure out-of-state CCW permits from as many states as possible reports the following:

“New Hampshire has the simplest form. It’s a one-page deal; no fingerprint cards, no photographs, no training requirement. All one needs is a copy of a current CCW.

Florida is more complex. They insist on a photograph which has to be slightly smaller than standard passport size. Heaven forbid they could use the standard size which every passport camera in the world is set up to produce. Fingerprint cards are also required as well as a notarized signature, plus $117.00. After all that, you get to wait ninety days. There is a training requirement, but they will accept anything from an honorable discharge (what that might have to do with shooting proficiency and safe gun handling is anyone’s guess) to the standard NRA stuff.

Connecticut is a real pain! One first has to get a license from a local township in Connecticut before a state license can be issued. I have found that the Town of Sharon is most amicable to the system. Sharon requires $35.00 dollars, two fingerprint cards, and a one-page form. Then, you get to wait for two months. Once the township license is issued, it is simply a matter of sending a copy of same, with another form, and photographs, to the State Police. They will generally rubber stamp it.

More states later!”