6 May 99

I toured this afternoon the new DS Arms plant in Lake Barrington, IL. I had the opportunity to talk at length with my good friend and owner of DS Arms, Dave Salvaggio.

The main product of DS Arms is still the FN rifle, in a number of iterations. The current production samples I handled and fired while there are as good as can be imagined. The quality of these weapons is most excellent. Now available is a stainless steel model and several new lightweight models.

Aluminum handguards that came with previous production models have now been replaced with plastic ones, which are far superior. The aluminum handguards used to get very hot during high-volume exercises. Not so with the plastic ones.

On one on my DS Arms FNs, I have a forward-mounted scout scope-installed by Don Johnson in Naples, FL. It makes a very slick urban rifle set up.

DS Arms’ current backlog is over a year. Not surprising. If you can get your hands on one, I highly recommend doing it.