3 June 99

This is from a friend in a State Patrol. Is it any wonder why officers aren’t getting the training they need, in spite of all the money being spent? It’s the blind leading the blind!

“One of the instructors was dressed in a suit and armed with a Glock 27. He is a detective with a metro agency. He was not wearing a jacket in the classroom, so I noticed his weapon. I also noticed he was carrying an extra magazine on his off hip. After a moment, I realized why the magazine and holder didn’t look right. The weapon he was carrying was a compact, yet the magazine holder was for a full-sized magazine. I could see the slight bulge where the compact magazine ended in the holder. The compact magazine he carried in it was stuffed down into it until the only thing visible was the floorplate.

I asked the instructor what model Glock he was carrying, and he said it was a twenty-seven. He thereupon attempted to pull the spare magazine out with his left hand. His first attempt was a futile effort, so he tugged harder. The magazine holder, which is a perfectly good one from a reputable company, did its job and held the magazine in place. The instructor was required to grip the holder with his right hand while still having to tug furiously with his off hand to finally
remove the magazine.”

… and this guy calls himself an instructor!