3 Oct 16

“For fear I have my gun to mend
I am determined not to lend
But you may do as I have done
Pay down your cash and get a gun”

Inscription from “The Litany Rifle” Maker Unknown, 1790

It is common for perspective students of our Art to inquire during the Course registration process as to whether or not guns are available from us for “rental”

I assure them that we don’t “rent” guns!

Students often retort that they “don’t know what to buy.”

I provide them with an extensive list and assure them that “… all of these are satisfactory.” I then remind them that they’ll also need a suitable holster, and other accouterments. Students need to “hit the ground” ready to go!

When they then reply that all that represents a significant expenditure, I readily agree and then assure them that I would not presume to advise them on financial matters.

There are plenty of cheap guns, cheap holsters, and cheap instructors. I advise them to make decisions that reflect their best interests.

We train serious students exclusively. Non-serious students usually don’t come to us, and need not apply in any event!

“Going armed” requires sincere commitment. Not all are ready. Some never will be. Others are only interested in games, novelty, and fashion. Still others shouldn’t own guns! Ultimately, none of foregoing “fit-in” with our assiduous curriculum.

Long ago, I stopped trying to be “all things to all people.” Our purpose is precise.

Accordingly, we don’t “rent” guns!