14 July 18

Follow-up on my last Quip:

I suggested declining to answer questions about gun-ownership, political leanings, etc, when they come up in
discussions on personal health matters with your doctor.

Many Doctors who are DTI students, responded:

“Medicare now requires the question about gun-ownership be asked. When it is not asked, reimbursement to the doctor is jeopardized. Answers go on a form, and forms are submitted.

The form has only two boxes, ‘Yes,’ and ‘No.’

When you answer anything other than ‘No,’ the doctor will check the ‘Yes’ box. So, when you decline to answer, no matter how politely, the ‘Yes’ box gets a check-mark in it!

Imagine, for example, that you are in Nazi Germany in 1936, and your doctor asks (as he is required to do),

‘Do you have Jewish relatives?’

When you answer, “That’s irrelevant and none of your business,” the doctor checks the ‘Yes’ box, and you suddenly have an unanticipated train-ride in your immediate future!”

With the foregoing in mind, here are some suggested responses, all far briefer than the one I advised:

1) “Not for discussion here, Doctor.”

2) “Doctor, unless you can explain what that has to do with my medical diagnosis and treatment, let’s not waste
our time discussing it.”

3) “No” (without further comment)

I like to maintain personal honesty, but I have to admit option 3 is probably best. Your best interests are served when the doctor immediately puts a check-mark in the “No” box!

Our System does not reward truthfulness and honesty. Out System rewards, indeed requires, lying.

Non-responsive answers will be translated as “Yes,” as noted above.

In addition, your refusal to answer straightforwardly will be noted, and likely interpreted further as a sign of incipient mental unsoundness.

Remember the way Stalin declared even the slightest political opposition to be prima-facie evidence of “insanity?” This malignant ideology is always just under the surface!

HRC, during her recent presidential campaign, said essentially the same thing!

The apple never falls far from the tree!