15 July 18

“Who succumbs to a compulsion to violate moral commandments is as much a prisoner as one who believes he is bound to obey them.”


A Washington Post Article on the recent Oklahoma shooting, in which an sociopathic active-murderer was shot and killed by a legally armed citizen(s) before he could murder more innocent people:

This “story” is little more than a leftist (of course), political editorial, implicitly anti-gun and anti-legally-armed-citizen, beginning to end.

The authors “equate” a sociopathic, active murderer with two lawfully-armed citizens, heroes, who intervened (at great personal risk) in order to prevent additional murders. WP authors obviously believe that anyone who owns a gun, or (Heaven forbid!) carries one, is automatically a criminal!

The authors contemptuously dismiss accolades heaped upon these two courageous, lawfully-armed citizens, by local law enforcement and the general public.

The authors insist that these two lawfully-armed citizens should never have taken any action, because the scene was “confusing and unclear.” It makes me wonder how many “clear and non-confusing” gunfights these arrogant Marxists have ever seen!

Naturally, the authors denigrate the NRA (a requirement of the liberal media), casually dismissing the “good-guy-with-a-gun” argument, because of course, all who own guns are automatically bad people.

The authors make snide comments about all legally-armed citizens. Yet, they themselves lack the stature to so much as stand in the shadow of the two heroes they so piously besmirch.

Liberal “reporters” are utterly incapable of honesty, much less objectivity!

They hate genuine heroes, because a hero is something they can never be!

These haters of guns and gun-owners would rather see innocent people murdered than have to report that
active murderers have been thwarted by legally-armed citizen/heroes.

They want guns for themselves, but keep their guns a “secret.” Simultaneously, they publically, hypocritically, and oh so pseudo-sanctimoniously, decry guns in the hands of the rest of us.

Such is the current soulless amorality of the Left.

“Unless you have a free press, there is no need to buy newspapers, and there is no need to watch the news, because there is no need to listen to lies!”

Mehmet Murat ildan

Unfortunately, we don’t!