19 Sept 14

More comments from friends currently on active duty:

“Everyone in uniform, on or off-base, is at risk of being attacked and murdered by ISIS jihadists who are within CONUS, right now! We saw this happen in the UK just months ago. It’s not a ‘theory!’

Particularly threatened are those of us who work ‘independent duty,’ such as recruiters. Accordingly, we’re finding ways to fit pistols under our dress blues!

‘Authorized,’ or not, I, and a few other like-minded, are always ready to respond instantly to a deadly attack, with lethal force. We all regularly carry pistols and other weapons, and we have rifles in a high state of readiness in our vehicles, all personally-owned. Our CO turns a blind eye, but the subject is, of course, never discussed.

I have been told, in confidence, by other military personnel who suspect what is going on, ‘When something happens, I am coming to your office!’ My response is, ‘When you come unarmed, change your name to ‘cover!’

In short, we’ve grown weary of waiting for someone up to food-chain to actually care about us!”

Comment: The new term is:

“The May-Not Military”

There must exist an office, deep within the bowels of the Pentagon, that is dedicated to creating thousands of new and ridiculous “May-Not” rules, designed to suffocate all individual initiative and promote an all-inclusive inability to fight and win wars.

Our “May-Not Military” is the creation of a generation of BHO-era, Class-A-uniform-loving Pentagon politicians and careerists. It continues to work non-stop to permanently separate real warriors from war and from tools required to wage and to win it.

Have you ever seen a photograph any BHO-era star-wearer actually carrying a weapon? George Patton and Joe Stillwell would never allow themselves to be photographed without one!

“We may not be able to change the world, but at least we can embarrass the guilty.”

Jessica Mitford