24 Sept 14

The Argument:

Today, ISIS, once more, announced that all its followers and wannabes are solemnly called upon to randomly murder Americans, any way it can be done, and anywhere we may be found. It is difficult indeed for anyone to misunderstand, nor mischaracterize, their message. For one, I take them at their word. I think they’re serious!

The wholesale murder of innocents by ISIS is not exactly unprecedented, is it? And, they are here, in CONUS, just as they are in Australia, where one just seriously stabbed a police officer and a plot to kidnap and publically cut the head off a random Australian citizen has just been broken-up. ISIS has great, and steadily increasing, influence over all Islamics. The only non-radical Moslem is a non-practicing Moslem!

What more persuasive argument is there for all of us routinely going armed? In fact, with news like this, every American needs to have a military rifle (and competent training in its use) continually close at hand. Every American should also be carrying a concealed pistol (after competent training), everywhere he goes.

The excitement is just beginning!

Those among us who are, by choice, untrained and unarmed need to look at themselves in a mirror and repent of their stubborn unwillingness to squarely face ugly facts!

There is apparently no limit to the amount of our money our politicians are willing to spend protecting themselves. The rest of us are on our own.

Of course, we always have been. Only the perversely naive are just now noticing!

“Don’t wait! The time will never be ‘just right.’”

Napoleon Hill