4 Sept 14

Live-Fire Scenarios!

At least once per year, Pat Troy and I get together and do a Live-Fire Scenario Course at the wonderful Echo Valley Range in WV. Many from the DC area join us there!

Like NTI and “Polite Society,” this Program is not for beginners, and it requires a lot of props and preparation, plus a 360 degree range.

Pat and I compose a series of tactical problem-solving challenges, involving both pistols and rifles (shotguns too). We have an expendable car as one of our props, and it serves as a starting-point for an number of our exercises.

Targets and “non-targets” are dressed, foam mannequins. For faces we use police mug-shots of VCAs (available on the Web). They change roles during the Program and are always mixed in with each other in close proximity.

We use pyrotechnics to create visual and sound-effects, like explosions and smoke. A loudspeaker simultaneously broadcasts voices- screams, people yelling, grunts and groans.

The idea is to give students multiple experiences is dealing with distraction, sorting the significant from the insignificant, and forming and executing a reasonable tactical plan.

It is actually similar to Airsoft scenario-based training, except that we use live ammunition!

We just finished this year’s Program last weekend, and I’m more persuaded than ever that this kind of training exercise is important, and that, at some point, every aspiring Operator needs to become involved in it!

We’re doing our best, not only to preserve, but to refine and advanced the Art. Join us when you can!

“Training means ‘learning the rules.’

Experience means ‘learning the exceptions!’”