5 Sept 14

This from friends in OH:

“Judges of our 4th District Court of Appeals, which covers fourteen counties in southeastern OH, are, by their own one-sided ‘proclamation,’ licensing themselves to carry concealed handguns, both while sitting on the bench and at all other times. They are not extending that special privilege to anyone else!

This ‘proclamation’ altogether bypasses the legal requirements, including training and proficiency, that we peons are required to obey in order to acquire state-issued concealed carry permits.

These judges travel from county to county holding hearings. While traveling, they are accompanied by a bailiff and an LEO, both armed.

One judge casually stated:

‘The probability of an (life-threatening) occurrence is, in reality, pretty low. But the impact, when it happens, is devastating.’

Is that so, your honor?

Well then, I suspect when anyone, even one of us lowly peons, encounters someone who is trying to murder us, one could also accurately describe the event as ‘devastating!’

Yet, the term, ‘devastating,’ apparently only applies to judges. When the identical thing happens to any of us mere insignificant tax-paying citizens, it is merely ‘unfortunate.’

I am a staunch believer in individual Constitutional Rights, but government employees should never be allowed to create a ‘special class’ of citizens, which includes only themselves, who enjoy ‘special privileges,’ not available to the rest of us.

This smacks of arbitrary power and ‘arrogance-by-virtue-of-position,’ the twin plagues our Founders fought so hard to purge from the New World.

Our media, which is supposed to call attention to this kind of blatant abuse of power, sees no problem!”


As we see, “arbitrary power and ‘arrogance-by-virtue-of-position’” are alive and well! These judges, like our ‘news’ media, have obviously forgotten who is working for whom.

OH’s AG needs to act!

“Any dictator would admire the uniformity and obedience of the US media.”

Noam Chomsky