3 Sept 14

War, from now on!

“Don’t worry, be happy…”

From the song of the same title, recorded by Bobby McFerrin in 1988

Enough contemporary fantasy! Now let’s listen to James Madison:

“‘Universal peace.’ It is to be feared! It is in the catalogue of events which will never exist, except in the imaginations of visionary philosophers, or the breasts of benevolent enthusiasts.”

Today, we call naive visionary philosophers and benevolent enthusiasts “liberals”

I wonder how much support he would have garnered, if FDR had referred to Imperial Japan of 1941 as “radical Japanese extremists,” and, in the wake of their sneak-attack on Pearl Harbor, weakly, hesitatingly indicated that his only real goal was to trim back Imperial Japan to a “manageable problem!”

Even sleazy leftist, David Cameron in the UK, has the courage to call for the absolute destruction of ISIS. No “management” for him!

Three-hundred more American “advisors” are now being feebly re-sent to Iraq, after being prematurely withdrawn. All this, despite repeated dishonest promises of “no boots on the ground.” I’m sure they’re all wearing wingtips!

Over here, BHO, surrounded by a gaggle of ageing frat-boys, none of whom have ever had a real job, and who have no concept of military operations, appears confused, disinterested, and wants only for the American public to ignore the disintegrating foreign situation, so they can concentrate on his liberal domestic agenda, which, of course, has failed at every turn. But, for overconfident liberals, unwavering loyalty to leftist dogma is always more important than actual outcomes.

Nonetheless, we’re continuously assured that soon we’ll all be living in a liberal paradise, where no one ever does any work and only Democrats get elected. Unfortunately, few of us will be living at all, and the New Dark Age will be anything but a “paradise.”

Still, such drivel is music to the naive ears of the forty percent of our “work force” that does no work, that is permanently, willfully unemployed, indeed unemployable, and has been for generations. Eking out a living on an endless buffet of government handouts designed to keep them perpetually unproductive, their sole function in life is to vote for Democrats.

That is the liberal “legacy” we’ve inherited.

“Nothing is so permanent as a ‘temporary’ government program.”

Milton Friedman

Meanwhile, the rest of the civilized world is disintegrating at a frightening pace. Pitiable islands of Western Civilization are being snuffed-out one by one. We, and what is left of the rest of Western Civilization, will shortly be presented with the unsavory “choice” of living under Putin’s Communists, or ISIS’ Islamic “purity.” Curiously, neither entity (nor BHO himself) likes our Second Amendment, not yet completely destroyed by liberals (through no fault of their own). I’m sure that comes as a big surprise!

In this world, civilizations come and go. Ours is teetering!

“You may leave here for four days in space. But, when you return, it’s the same old place!”

From “Eve of Destruction,” protest song, written in 1965 by PF Sloan. Most famous rendition was Barry McGuire’s, from the same year.