23 Sept 21
“There are always those who mistake their own dilapidated condition for the decadence of a civilization.”
Romain Gary
Let’s pretend!
From a friend in MA:
“Our local newspaper in Worcester, MA (Boston) has announced that it will no longer report violent crime in the area, because such straightforward reporting, ‘makes certain populations look bad.’
Inherently dishonest media people like these must think that when they don’t report what is really happening, we can all pretend it’s not really happening!
Similarly, a local city manager has ordered his police department not to release crime reports to the public, because ‘it will upset them’
Many in my neighborhood are professing Democrat/leftists. Yet, they’re all buying guns (including ‘weapons of war’) and ammunition, the very same guns that Marxist politicians they voted for want to forcibly take away from them.
When confronted with their blatant hypocrisy, they mimic Hollywood’s arrogant Communists with a flippant ‘laws are for little people’
Of course, none of these smug liberals think they need training, since they egotistically consider themselves intellectually superior to ‘little people.’
The result is a spate of UDs, also mostly unreported.”
When Rhodesia became Zimbabwe, Rhodesia was English-speaking, with a mixed black/African and European/white population. Violent crime was extremely low. Rule of law was universal and respected. Utilities were functional. Infrastructure was modern and well-maintained. Rhodesia experienced vigorous economic growth, prosperity for all citizens, exporting food worldwide.
Then came the Communists!
They inflamed tribal divisions. Communist forces, backed by the USA, UK, PRC, and the USSR, overwhelmed all opposition.
After the Communist victory, the Mugabe government committed countless atrocities against his citizens, including former supporters, white farmers, and black tribesman alike. Not surprisingly, he confiscated nearly all privately-owned firearms.
Since then, Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe), formerly the ‘breadbasket of Africa,’ is an economic basket-case, a classic case-study in hyper-inflation. Starvation and squalor are rampant!
Previously a popular destination for African immigrants seeking freedom and prosperity, now nearly everyone, of all races, with the means to leave Zimbabwe, is doing so!
Venezuela, Cuba represent other examples of ‘what Communism can do for you’
Yet, some naive demographics in America just can’t become Communists fast enough!
They are well-advise to look over the cliff, before they jump!
“The ideal subject of totalitarian rule is not the convinced Nazi, nor the convinced Communist, but people for whom the distinction between fact and fiction, the distinction between true and false, no longer exists.”
Hannah Arendt