17 Sept 21
“Who work for a living are outnumbered by those who vote for a living”

George Bernard Shaw

As one tours a typical Wal Mart, supermarket, or even a sporting-good store today, he will see what America has never been know for:
Empty shelves!
This used to be “The Land of Plenty”
Not any more!
As a nation, we’re experiencing what used to be confined to third-world countries:
Shortages of everything!
Products are not being produced.
While legions of “professional homeless,” mostly working-age and able-bodied, hold-up signs saying “Homeless! Anything helps,” they sit idle, while immersed in a literal forest of “help-wanted” signs!
Our culture is not advancing, and armies of idle beggars grow by the day, squatting in public parks and on private property, bolstered by hoards of illegal immigrants, all un-vaccinated, flooding unhindered over our southern “border”
Unsanitary, disease-ridden, bug-infested, crime-plagued, permanent “camps” of stagnate beggars and illegal immigrants thus expand exponentially, all with the blessing of JRB, Democrat mayors and governors.
All this while jobs go begging!
Accordingly, petty crime accelerates. Violent crime accelerates. Sanitation descends. Street-gangs take control of inner cities. Productivity tanks, and shortages grow worse!
Violent criminals (legal and illegal) know they have little to fear from de-funded and demoralized police (who know and understand that they don’t enjoy the support of leftist mayors), even less to fear from Democrat “prosecutors” who refuse to prosecute.
Americans need to understand that this dreadful, deteriorating situation is exactly what Democrat/Communists want and tirelessly work toward.
If they didn’t want it this way, it would not be happening!
What we can look forward to is:
1) Ramped-up deficit government spending and resulting hyper-inflation, expanding squalor
2) Crippling tax increases on the progressively-reducing minority of Americans who are still productive
3) Increasing incentives for Americans to remain idle and non-productive, accelerating shortages of everything
4) One phoney “emergency” after another, generating rapid deterioration of our personal liberty and freedom, with economic freedom (capitalism), property rights, Second Amendment Rights, and Due Process being among the first casualties.
5) Government-engineered voter-fraud on a massive scale, putting a final end to free and fair elections.
6) Ecumenical snooper-vision. Gulags for the non-compliant!
7) A continuing, Venezuela-like national decline
The Revolution is in full swing, and it is following the customary pattern!
“Throughout the last century, Communist leaders alternated in pretending to be nationalists, agrarian reformers, and/or Democrats.
Communists have grown in sophistication, even as their dupes have declined into stupefaction.
There is nothing to be gained by talking with liars and tricksters who plot the West’s downfall.
Yet, we talk and talk as we lose and lose again.”
JR Nyquist
“History repeats itself- first as tragedy, then as farce.”
Karl Marx