25 Sept 21
“The ‘Mission of a Handgun’ is to provide protection from unexpected, personal attack.
Some scoff that I am always armed. Yet, firearms are essential ‘Safety/Rescue Equipment.’
Carrying a pistol on one’s person is analogous to keeping a fire-extinguisher in the home. Most homes will never need one, but more than a few will burn to the ground, for lacking one!”
Doc Gunn
My comment:
Doc Gunn is eloquently correct, yet consider that the foregoing analogy breaks-down here:
Burned homes can be rebuilt, and restored to life!
Going armed!
In spite of the current spike in retail gun sales, as well as in applications for state-issued concealed-carry permits, precious few new gun-owners give any real thought to exactly how they might deploy guns in defense of their homes, and themselves, in the event of lethal, criminal attack.
Few seek-out competent training.
Most of these newly-acquired guns will spend the next twenty years in a dresser drawer, still within the boxes they came in, and will never be fired.
In the end, these guns will contribute to their owner’s security about as much as will a rabbit’s foot!
Even fewer gun-owners ever carry concealed on any kind of regular bases. In fact, many (probably most) police officers don’t carry while off-watch.
While violent crime is habitually, and deliberately, under-reported by the leftist media, its alarming, exponential increase is no illusion! And, it is no illusion that police departments are now under-staffed, under-equipped, and demoralized. Aggressive, overt patrolling/policing is a thing of the past. “Passive policing” is in!
We Operators thus need to know and understand that, when it comes to our continued good health, we are always going to be the “first responder,” because we’re there and likely the only one in a position to act decisively, and at the critical moment!
Still, leftist gas-bags, in the media and in politics, endlessly drone-on that we American citizens “don’t need guns,” and further, that we can’t be trusted with guns!
They should have guns, but we shouldn’t!
Don’t listen to them, and don’t vote for them!
“Earth-born they are, and soon decay. Vain is their counsel at life’s last portal, when the dark grave devours its prey!”
From The Lutheran Hymnal, #797, “Praise the Almighty”