30 Dec 17

“Be alert and of sober mind.”

1 Peter 5:8

New Year’s Eve, 2017

Bringing-in the New Year with much late-night celebrating is a tradition enjoyed by many Americans, and most of the rest of Western Civilization.

Far be it from me to rain on anyone’s parade, but here, in my final Quip for 2017, allow me to offer a final, brief word of caution:

1) However you observe this New Years, stay far away from public celebratory events in big, metro areas, particularly on the East Coast, and particularly NYC!

2) When attending a party, keep your head up, and continuously note location of exits. Stay mobile, and always be prepared to move quickly.

3) Take specific note of anything “odd,” angry,” or “wrong.”

4) Do not get involved in acrimonious/toxic conversations/discussions, particularly with people who have been drinking.

5) Make sure at least one person in your group, upon whom you can depend, doesn’t drink and goes armed.

6) Don’t drive anywhere after midnight!

For one, my New Year’s Eve will be spent with a small group of family and friends, at a comfortable residence far from any metro area, enthusiastically engaged in a late-night poker game. Far too tame for some, but it represents all the excitement I need, or want!

And for one, I’ll not be drinking, but I will be bearing my usual “full complement” of emergency/safety equipment.

This weekend, Darwin will claim many among the naive, foolish, careless, clueless, inebriated, unprepared, and inattentive.

I’m actively planning/preparing not to be one of them!