11 Dec 15

“The gallery of charlatans who currently run network TV news no longer see themselves as legitimate journalists who report news. They consider it their first (and only real) job to hold our attention just long enough so that we can be sold male-impotence pills, miracle-cleaners, and worthless insurance!”


How quickly anti-gun media rhetoric subsides, so self-righteously intense immediately after the San Bernardino Islamic terrorist attack of 2 Dec 15!

The Administration had been forced to grudgingly admit the massacre in San Bernardino, CA is, in fact, correctly identified as a terrorist event. Since such events don’t fit-in with their “containment” agenda, such a bitter confession is particularly difficult. Numerous other obvious terrorist events, perpetrated by radical Moslems, been swept under the rug as “workplace violence,” or similar false labels.

BHO immediately made his usual unconvincing plea for even more restrictive gun laws, but his words fell on deaf ears. Americans, even professing liberals, are getting tired of hearing it! Nothing he is proposing would have prevented the attack, and that fact quickly leaked out.

Similarly, leftist media editors have quickly dropped the subject. Too many of their readers/viewers are sick of hearing that tired line, and they make their impatience known!

Maybe denizens of Manhattan want to meekly surrender all guns to the government, and then wait around to be slaughtered. But, the majority of Americans clearly see the amount and quality of “protection” they apparently rate, and accordingly prefer to unilaterally protect themselves, leaving only the task of cleaning-up the mess to the government.

Now, even some sheriffs and chiefs of police are openly advising citizens to go armed, in a casual admission that no LE agency can guarantee absolute protection to anyone.

In our Age of Terrorism, predictable but threadbare, liberal anti-gun rhetoric rings hollow, and thus is enjoying a rapidly-diminishing audience.

In fact, after a soft gun market most of 2015, sales of guns and ammunition are suddenly spiking once more, mostly because of this “setback,” as BHO likes to dismiss it.

He relies on the Secret Service. The rest of us have only ourselves!

“We carried our weapons with us at all times, even when we went for water”

Nehemiah, Chapter 4, Verse 23b

From the foregoing, we see this is nothing new. We’re on our own, and always have been. Even professing liberals are reluctantly waking-up to that fact!